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The Falklands War: There and Back Again

The Falklands War: There and Back Again

I was quite excited when there and back again dropped on my doorstep, my first assignment and a book about the Falklands conflict.

The main premise of the book is to put the record straight with regard to the Argentinian invasion of the Falkland Islands. The press at the time of the invasion reported that the Naval Party of Royal Marines laid down their weapons and gave up without a fight and the takeover was a calm and peaceful affair without bloodshed.

The book starts with a fairly comprehensive build up: The formation of NP8901, the journey to the Falklands for their handover and the broader outlook of what was going on at the time. There is plenty here about the diplomatic situation and the reasons why Argentina thought that GB would neither challenge for, nor attempt to recover the islands.
Then comes the in depth account of what actually happened just before, during the invasion and directly after the surrender. For someone who believed that the Bootnecks just gave up peacefully without a fight, this was a revelation. Then comes the journey from captivity back to the UK.

The last part of the book tells the tale of how Mike Norman and his team, fought firstly Whitehall to get permission to join the Task Force and help retake the Islands, then the invaders themselves as they battled from Port San Carlos to Stanley.
Most of the books I have read about the war, hardly mention what happened initially and concentrate of the recapture of the islands and the role of the Task Force. This is (quite obviously) different and to read of the RM’s bravery and willingness to continue the fight even after being ordered to surrender, was most enlightening.

The only criticism I have, although a minor one was the layout. There are many quotes from different people involved from Margret Thatcher to Mne Ray Bolye and they are all separate from the main body of the text. It created a kind of stop start narrative that I found slightly spoiled the flow of the story.

The Falklands War There and Back Again was a most enjoyable, entertaining read and I would heartily recommend it.
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