The corners of the globe/The Edge of the Earth --- Robert GODDARD.

  • This was written as a Trilogy of book, I didn't have the first one, the review deals with volumes two and three.

    Because I did not read the first one it took me a while in book two to start to connect the threads.

    Our hero James "Max" Maxsted, served with the Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force in World War 1, he became an Ace Pilot before being shot down and imprisoned.

    The story starts with him in Paris at the time the final details of Germanys surrender is being negotiated. To add spice to the adventure there are separate threads of espionage thrown in, not least massive betrayals amongst the British Security Services. Add to that a German Spy and a Mafia style Japanese family and you have some idea of the mixture.

    Believing that his Fathers death was murder our hero sets off on his travels, with a variety of friends and acquaintances of several nationalities, in an effort to find his Fathers killer.

    I felt that there were insufficient explanations as to who was who amongst the various characters, again this may have been down to my missing book one. Several of the characters kept using aliases, which they changed at will, I found this confusing.

    I read both books from cover to cover, but found that I had to look back on a number of occasions to try and follow the characters.

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