The Bluffer’s guide to beer - Jonathan Goodall

The Bluffer’s guide to beer - Jonathan Goodall

An interesting and very informative little book.

On opening this book, I had a feeling of déjà vu. Somewhere deep in the recesses of my alcohol damaged mind I know that I’ve read this book (or one nigh on identical) before. That fact alone led to me investigating the Bluffer’s Guide series and it appears that it’s only quite recently that Haynes has taken on publishing them.

However I digress. The book is very deceptive. Frankly, it looks very thin and small. However, within its covers is an absolute wealth of knowledge. It is genuinely informative about beer. In fact, far too much knowledge is presented to be absorbed during the first read. I reckon perhaps three or four read-throughs and you might have taken onboard about 75% of the content. There are some wonderfully odd and eccentric little pieces in this book.

I like the author’s style of writing; it’s light hearted, but not frivolous and it’s entertaining as well. I also like the fact that the author spends a little time on the history of beers and beer making as well as a few of the technicalities.

I learned quite a lot from this little guide. Having never travelled to the USA I wasn’t aware of their beer scene, which I found as rather an eye opener. I also wouldn’t have guessed the country that brews the most beer.

Keeping this review brief, in with the spirit of the book, I’ll sum up by saying I enjoyed the read as much as I enjoy a decent pint of draught Bass most lunchtimes. But shame on me, I still enjoyed a good single malt whilst reading it at bedtime.

4 ½ Anchors was my initial thought, but no, I’m going to run to a full 5.

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