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Scarlet Widow

Scarlet Widow…….Graham Masterton.

A Crime Thriller/Whodunit with a difference.

It is initially set in London in the mid 1750’s then our Heroine moves to New Hampshire in America a few years later.

The daughter of an apothecary she learns some of the basic skill from her farther and also inherits his notebooks which are a great help to her in later years.

She marries a Preacher and they move to a New Hampshire farming community, a stranger moves into the area and sinister things begin to happen, is it the work of the devil or is there a human hand involved?

Farm animals get mysterious complaints, some die and some recover. Slaves and Villagers die in what could be the work of Satan, but is it. Why would some animals die and other recover, there seems to be no reason for it.

Fear not Beatrice Scarlet, or as she known now she is married Goody Scarlet, battles away in an attempt to unmask the truth, not put off by the murder of her husband and her young sons kidnapping. In the end she brings everything to a satisfactory conclusion.

Not a book that I would have chosen for myself, but, within a few pages I was hooked, as I said at the start of the review, a Thriller with a difference.

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