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Pirate Hunter

Pirate Hunter

The story of Captain Woodes Rogers, born 1679, Navigator, Privateer and Governor.

A well-researched book, which will be of great interest to those who study this period of history. Certainly the background information is full of facts and figures. Rogers own writings are widely referred to, which adds an interesting dimension to the book.

Rogers was a Bristol man who set out on a circumnavigation with two ships, one of 320 tons and the other of 250. One of the most impressive things for me was the navigation, with the most basic of instruments long distances were covered with almost spot on landfall at the end. It makes you wonder how today’s seafarers would get on using the same equipment.

On his return to the UK after many battles which gained him a lot of plunder he was appointed Governor of the Bahamas. On arrival there he found that the area was in ruins and plagued by Pirates. Little help was forthcoming from the British Government towards the repairs needed, even though they were reaping the benefits of the area being safer for Merchant Shipping. Even his pleas for extra troops when it was likely that the Spanish would invade were ignored.

Through his actions the Pirate problem was brought under control and some settlement of the area made. He returned to England because of ill health but later went back to the Bahamas for a second spell.

I found the book interesting, but felt that there could have been more details of the various battles and actions fought.
Therefore 3 anchors.

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