No Room for Mistakes.

Author Rating:
  • A well researched book that covers British and Allied Submarine Warfare for the period 1939-1940. Dedicated to "Those still on Patrol."

    The Author, Geirr. H. Haarr is a Norwegian with a passion for Naval History, something that is apparent as soon as you start reading the book.

    The first chapter covers the Thetis disaster and there are sections on Submarine Development, Home Command Submarine Flotilla's, British and Allied Submarine losses in Home Waters, Enemy Shipping attacked and Minefields laid and many more subjects.

    In addition the author covers day to day living conditions onboard a WW2 Submarine and the hardships the damp and cramped conditions brought.

    There are numerous photographs throughout the whole book which certainly add to the readability. There are quite a number that I have not seen published before.

    I would recommend the book to anyone with an interest in Submarines and for those doing research into the same. A real font of knowledge and certainly one of the most interesting and readable books on the subject that I have seen.

    The only downside its a bit expensive (for a pensioner) at £35.00

    I give it 5 anchors.


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