Net Zero: Patrick Benham-Crosswell

Net Zero: Patrick Benham-Crosswell

When I opted to review this book due to having an interest in the Government’s seemingly headlong rush into turning our small island into a net zero emissions economy by 2050 I was expecting a weighty tome to be crammed through my letterbox. To my surprise the book is small, but it fully gives all the facts and information about climate change and the means of achieving Net Zero emissions in a succinct and easily understood format

Unfortunately, it highlights the current inadequacies in in our national grid and clean power generation capacity to cope with the authorities’ headlong rush to get us all to drive electric vehicles rather than looking at alternatives such as hydrogen powered vehicles. A major upgrade costing trillions is required.

The pros and cons of all forms of proposed clean power generation, (Nuclear, Wind, Solar Wave power etc) alongside the associated costs are closely examined and easy to understand charts illustrate the facts and figures.

The bottom line is the costs to achieve Net Zero are eye wateringly expensive and a could end up as a totally futile gesture if the big players in the world economy don’t tread the same path making their production costs of goods etc significantly cheaper

Whatever your opinion about climate change is, I highly recommend this book as a must read to enable you to challenge some of the sound bites currently being touted by the Government in order to look good at major conferences such as the recent COP26.

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