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Mosquito: The Original Multi-Role Combat Aircraft - Graham M Simons

This book is an aviation enthusiasts’ wet dream. It’s full of facts and pictures I’ve not seen before; but it’s a boring read. The language used is so dull which is a real shame as there are plenty of good stories contained within the text. In fact, it’s tempting to give up on the words and just look at the pictures, which are pure aviation porn.

But niggles apart, the book is well researched and incredibly informative. The author must have spent hours gathering the information which is presented in a fairly logical way.

The Mosquito was a private venture that struggled to gain approval where it mattered: it was an aircraft that we almost didn’t get. But in the end weren’t we grateful for it? It proved it’s suitability for war in a variety of different roles: the original multi role combat aircraft!

My favourite part of the book was the section on construction. The pictures presented of fuselages held together with straps whilst glues cured reminded me so much of my own efforts (albeit on a much smaller scale) with Airfix and Revell model kits.

For a book of about 250 pages it seemed to take me a long time to read. I suspect that it was because I was so absorbed with the facts, and pictures rather than the text.

I’ll rate this at 3 anchors because of the incredible detail and pictures that the author has painstakingly unearthed.