Memories Unleashed by Carl Rudolph Small

Memories Unleashed by Carl Rudolph Small

Two books arrived and so the choice, which to read first? I liked the look of this so I picked it and was well rewarded.

It tells the story of one man’s time in Vietnam from arrival in country, to his homecoming back in the states. He starts off as a grunt, new to everything and ends up as a senior NCO leading his own team, before finally becoming a civilian once more. Running through the book he writes of feelings and longing for his sweetheart at home. Something I’m sure we can all relate to.

The book is made up of very short passages, each telling of one particular incident. Interspersed are grainy old black and white pictures of his time in country. I’m not sure how much they contribute to the narrative, as they are very difficult to see, but I guess they add a little something.

I struggled to read the book at the beginning as Carl uses the third person narrative and I must admit that most books I’ve read are first person. However once over that hurdle I was absolutely hooked. He has a great knack for storytelling and I was drawn in. I found myself transported to the jungle of Vietnam and when I looked up from the book, I was surprised to find myself sat in my front room his descriptions are that evocative of that place and that time. At one stage I had to stop reading and close the book as he retells the claustrophobic incident of entering a tunnel searching for a VC fighter. I could feel my heart racing and I actually started to panic.

Something else I’m sure some of us can relate to are the final passages of the book; he is home and he is safe, but at night-time he is back in the Jungles of Vietnam.

A great read, one I’m sure I will read again.

5 stars all day long.


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