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Investigating Organised Crime and War Crimes

An interesting and in places very graphic account of some of the most horrific crimes, both in Europe and the Middle East of the modern era.

The Author started his Police career in the Metropolitan Police and then transferred to the Dorset Force after six years. He rose through the ranks spending most of his time in the Criminal Investigation Department, He attained the rank of Superintendent.

He volunteered to go to Kosovo in 2000 to lead a team involved in excavating graves in an attempt to both identify the dead and to gather evidence to bring those responsible to face the courts. All to often these dreadful acts had been carried out by local Serb. Police Officers. One method used to try and identify the dead in the first instance was to put the clothes of the dead on display.

He was next appointed to Bosnia and was a Regional Commander for the Bunja Luka region. sadly a lot of his teams time was taken up with investigating Human Trafficking, mostly of Woman for the sex trade.

This section of the book also covers the kidnap and subsequent murder of Margaret Hassan a British/Irish subject married to an Iraqi national. At the time of her kidnap Margaret was working for an humanitarian organisation called CARE. The author is very critical of the UK Governments handling of the whole incident.

The final section of the book deals with his time spent in Palestine helping to develop the Civilian Police there.

An interesting book with some insights into the problems of investigating crimes in foreign lands not least the language barrier.

I give it 4 anchors.

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