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In Good Company by The Hon. William Fraser.

A series of letters and diary entries written by the Honourable William Fraser on his experiences in the battles of Ypres during the first World War. By the end of the war he had attained the rank of Temp. Lieutenant Colonel, he had also been awarded the Military Cross, 3 awards of the Distinquished Service Order and 3 Mentions in Dispatches.

The book is somewhat more unusual in that it was edited originally by his son General Sir David Fraser who saw action himself in the second World War, Malaya, Suez and Cyprus during his service.

William Fraser is very critical of both his General Staff and the Politicians, many of his points have subsequently been further commented on by historians. He is scathing at times at the reports being published to the public and the actual reality of what was happening, some of the reports had little bearing with regard to the truth of the situation.

At times there are some vivid descriptions of life in the trenches and the hardships generally endured.

An interesting book for anyone interested in the history of the time.

I would give it 3 anchors.
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