HMS Tiger by Paul White

  • Paul White has pulled together an archive of photographs and reminiscences of the Ship's Company of the 6" cruiser HMS Tiger, taking the history of the ship from her keel laying in 1941, her commissioning in John Brown's yard in 1959, through her conversion to an ASW helicopter carrier from 1968 to 1972, to her retirement in 1978 and final demise in 1986. In between we see from the illustrations her worldwide service; there are walk on appearances by Harold Wilson and Princess Grace of Monaco; the elegance of flag-showing is compared with the realities of gunnery, replenishment at sea, helicopter operations and roughers.

    This is an elegant souvenir for any of the thousands who served in Tiger over the years. There are also items on such RN arcana as the rum issue, Crossing the Line, Bugis Street, and Jenny's Side Party that may make the book attractive to other ex-naval people and interested members of the general public.

    The book is available from the printer ( as a landscape format 30 x 21 cm 58-page hardback @ £23 [ ]

    The picture show the ship floodlit in Stockholm 1959, on her first foreign cruise to Stockholm, Gdynia, Kiel and Antwerp.


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  1. Ageing_Gracefully
    1. NotNickCarter
      I shall read this with interest, once I return from Scotland. Thanks.
      NotNickCarter, May 31, 2017
  2. BreathingOutOnTheWayUp
    Another fine review from @Seaweed, thank you, but I believe he missed an ideal opportunity for adding an anecdote or two from his personal experience aboard HMS Tiger. I suspect he has a soft spot for that ship, what with her crest being his chosen avatar.:cool:

    At £23 for 58 pages this seems rather expensive until one considers the production costs of the illustrations but it should appeal to many of her former crew members, most of whom would probably now be in their more affluent silver years.

    Incidentally I spent 12 months of her sister ship's (HMS Blake - C99) prolonged 4 year Portsmouth conversion refit. Although that conversion progressed at a snail's pace I was kept quite busy updating her VHF & UHF equipment. Much later my younger brother also joined her and was assigned to that same equipment section where he discovered my signatures of three years earlier were the most recent ones in the maintenance records!

    Added to my wish list.