Gurkha Odyssey  by Peter Duffell

Gurkha Odyssey by Peter Duffell

There are a lot of books about the Gurkhas. This one is about a British officer's journey through his military career with some historical actions thrown in – and a darn good read at that.

The author writes about his experiences with the 2nd Ghoorkhas, (Those in the unit spell it differently) otherwise known as the Sirmoor Rifles, which is now absorbed into the Gurkha Brigade. Selection, and enlistment exams are stiff - as they should be in these modern times.

Unfortunately these admirable soldiers are getting caught up in the publicity/cost to MOD finance arguments & I agree with the author that their days may be numbered – which would be a huge loss to this country of some very adaptable & versatile warriors, the current game console generation will NOT be able to carry out the same duties, I.E. in a jungle fighting environment!

It is highly recommended as a great read, some of the exploits are breathtaking, although it might not be too conducive to falling into a gentle slumber if that's what you may be hoping!

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