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Gold Run ...................... Robert Pearson.

The book details the efforts made by both the Norwegian and British authorities to remove Norway’s gold reserves out of the reach of the advancing German Army when Norway was invaded in 1940. Both Norway and Great Britain were taken by surprise both by the Invasion and the subsequent speed of the German advance across Norway.

Some 50 tons of gold bullion and coins were involved. Before being moved initially all of the gold was place in either crates of various sizes or casks, each was numbered and accounted for each time they were handed over to various people and organisations.

At the same time that the gold was being moved efforts were being made to ensure that the Norwegian Royal Family were kept out of German hands.

Amongst other problems was the lack of suitable transport for the gold, amongst vehicles used were coal lorries and a Fish Merchants van. Fishing boats and small coastal ships (Puffers) were used for moving the bullion up the coast and amongst the Islands.

Part of the gold was taken onboard HMS Glasgow from the Port of Molde, the town had been so badly bombed that the ships company had to put out fires before embarkation of part of the gold and King Haakon and the Royal party. The King refused to leave Norway at this time so he was taken to Tromso and landed there. Glasgow ended up landing some 23 tons of gold in Scotland.

HMS Galatea took another part of the gold back to the UK with HMS Enterprise taking the final portion first to Scapa Flow and then too Devonport.

One footnote, a Royal Marine (named in the book) managed to steal a bag of 1000 gold coins, subsequently the Police in Liverpool recovered 704 coins but the other 296 have never been found.

An interesting book with many acts of bravery displayed by both Civilians and Naval personnel.

The author has obviously spent a great deal of time on his research. I give it 4 Anchors.

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