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This book features the memoirs of seventeen volunteers and one conscript who fought from Poland in 1939, Norway, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands during 1940/41 including the airborne and glider assault on the Belgian redoubt of Eben Emael.

Operation Mercury, the airborne invasion of the island of Crete on 20th My 1941 suffered heavy losses, and as a result Hitler vetoed any further large scale airborne operations. After this they were used as elite infantry fighting on all fronts from North Africa to the Eastern front and then from Normandy to the mountains of Italy.

The accounts relate the horrors of war, the humorous side of soldiering and of course captivity and life as a POW.

This an amazing look at the life of a WW2 German paratrooper from training to combat to capture and I would like to see more publications like this one, Sadly, there are so very few veterans left I do not think there will be many more books like this one. A terrific read and the photographs complement it very well.

Highly recommended.

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