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Denim to Khaki: Volume 3 (Quis Separabit) - Ian S Varty

Richard Hunter continues his military career.

Sadly, the text is still plagued by rogue grammar, but putting that aside this is a very good volume. It’s far above the level of the first two volumes, far grittier, but oddly shorter.

Again, there are laugh out loud moments but the underlying tone is far darker. This volume caused me to stop and reflect on what I’d just read on more than one occasion.

Richard progresses via a slightly unusual route from Corporal to Captain. As usual he gets into various scrapes which are often related to alcohol intake. But the real interesting thing is that we start to see the character of Richard developing, and much of what we see isn’t nice. We start to see the emergence of an ‘evil twin’; we start to witness Richard’s flashbacks to some of the awful things he’s seen from the sorties he’s been on.

I’d say that this volume is as true to life as anything in the forces gets. The epilogue caught me by surprise (I don’t know why) and that particular section makes this volume all the more poignant.

This volume is physically easier to read (on my iPad at least) because greater spacing is used between the paragraphs. It’s surprising the difference that a little white space makes.

I think I might also have gotten to the bottom of my earlier observation about writing styles. – There looks to have been two editors/proof-readers.

It’s a real shame that the earlier volumes didn’t match up to this one.

4 Anchors from me, well worth a read.