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Denim to Khaki: Volume 2 (Fare Thee Well) - Ian S Varty

The continuing career of Richard Hunter.

This volume started well, but rapidly descended into the difficult to read prose of the first volume. The grammar is suspect and words appear to be missing from sentences. This makes it a very difficult (and long) read; which is a real shame as there is a worthwhile continuing story here.

In this volume, Richard returns to Germany, goes on more training courses, gets married and continues to do the typical squaddie type of things, usually involving copious amounts of alcohol.

Parts were very funny, and I genuinely laughed out loud at some of the things that went on, much to the disgust of the good lady who was trying to watch Corrie, or some other soap at the time.

The part where Richard was being taught survival skills and shown how to prepare a dead rabbit, followed by a couple of his team mates trying to capture chickens was hilarious, though I have heard the story before. I suspect that the instructors on these courses treat every group of trainees in the same or very similar ways.

The book ends on the sad note of the regiment being disbanded, and even with the difficult writing style, the genuine feeling of losing something very close to you came through.

Looking back at the book, I’m not sure if there is more than one writing style present here? If the book was put together by more than one author, that may explain some of the ‘awkwardness’ of the text.

As before, I’ll rate this at 2 1/2 anchors and suggest that the author gets professional help with proofreading and editing.

Onto the 3rd and final part…