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Denim to Khaki: The Trilogy - Overview - Ian S Varty

On the Amazon pages the author says that he started writing then realised that what he was doing broke naturally up into three parts for a trilogy.

I only partly agree. The trilogy we are presented with doesn’t (IMO) work at all. Running to almost 1000 pages this trilogy is repetitive and contains more than its fair share of irrelevant minutiae. Equally, it misses out plenty of things that would be of great interest. However, it could be so much more. There is a good solid story in here and it could be built upon to deliver a truly worthwhile trilogy. I’d break it up into the early years, the senior years and the aftermath, but it’s not my trilogy to play around with. It’s only a suggestion that I hope the author will seriously consider: maybe if only because it will open up a larger market for him.

The trilogy as it stands is about Richard Hunter, his life, his training and his deployments in the army. There are some truly funny moments, there are a few sad ones, but it’s basically a good story and over the course of 1000 pages I came to like Richard. In fact, I like Richard so much, I think there is much more material here that could be used. I want to know more about him, I want to know exactly what happened after he left the army and how he's doing now.

My reviews on the individual books haven’t been overly generous, but after having had Richard as my bedtime reading matter for the last few weeks, I can tell you I am going to miss him.

Looking at the whole trilogy, I’m going to rate it at 3 anchors, mainly because I struggled so much with the grammar. But don’t let my ratings put you off, the story is sound.