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Dead Silent……Mark Roberts.

A murder mystery with some Satanic overtones thrown in for good measure.

Leonard Lawson, a professor of medieval art, had hidden a dark and sinister secret for 50 years. It took his macabre death linked to a series of other, apparently ritual, murders for the secret to be unearthed by DCI Eve Clay and her team.

I found the book hard going in places, possibly because at times it strayed too far from the current crimes and back to DCI Eve Clays past without really explaining why. I think that the author has relied to heavily on people reading his first DCI Clay book, I hadn't.

There were parts of the story that weren’t believable, at one point our heroine goes by herself, leaving behind her whole team, including firearms officers, to speak to a known murderer.

Texting seems to be the modern form of communications between Officers, it’s used for everything including passing evidence between various people, no sign of encrypted radios anywhere.

For me the book didn’t flow, or at times ring true. I would therefore give it 2 Anchors

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