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Confessions of a Cartel Hitman......Martin Corona (with Tony Rafael)

View attachment 24513 Corona spent most of his early life stealing and drug dealing, this was interspaced with periods of inprisonment. The first roughly 200 pages of the book seem to be a list of the names of people He had dealings with with very short descriptions of the various crimes that he was involved in.

Quite a large proportion of the book covers various correctional institutions that Corona served time in. I was left with a very poor impression of the American prison system, wide scale distribution of contriband goods and drugs seem to be the norm.

Corona is known to have murdered at least eight people and maimed and crippled many more, mostly through botched murder attempts. Thanks to plea bargaining and giving up other members of the cartel he was sentenced for cocaine distribution only, no mention of the murders and various other assaults to the court. He was sentance to around 25 years, under the American Federal system He should serve around eightyfive percent on the sentance (around 20.6 years) He was jailed in 2001 and would be due for release in 2022 at the age of 58 years old. At the time of his imprisonment He stated that he had hepatitis C a virus that can lead to early death. Corona's subsequent testimony lead to the conviction of several members of the Tijuana Cartel.

He was in fact released from prison in 2014, so less that 13 years for some of the most dreadful crimes that can be imagined. He then some time educating Police Officers on Gangs, Organised Crime and Violence.

I found nothing redeeming in this book and would therefore only give it 2 Anchors.
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