Commandos- Richard Camp

Commandos- Richard Camp

Set in 1942 this is a story of a USMC Captain and his Gunnery Sergeant who have been seconded to the British Commando Training Centre in the Scottish Highlands, the author is a retired USMC colonial.


The story follows their progress through the tough training which they obviously cope with showing the Limeys the way home and earning the respect of the grizzled veteran hard as nails Scottish RSM
A love interest is encountered due to the Captain being billeted with a retired Colonel who's daughter is on leave but usually engaged on top secret war work in Whitehall.

Before the training is completed the fledgling commandos are sent on a raid to capture German equipment on the Channel Islands, no surprises what department in Whitehall are directing the raid!!

This is an ok book, but with a lot of stereotypical characters very akin to the beloved illustrated Commando (Bootie BRs) we used to flick through down the mess whilst at sea.

Some descriptions of a beleaguered Britain at war and the work of the Coastal forces are interesting, but overall I can only give this book 2.5 stars and wouldn't recommend spending your own money on it.

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