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Churchill’s Secret Warriors – Damien Lewis

From the dust jacket, ‘”As good as any thriller I have ever read” – Frederick Forsyth’ and that sums it up. The book contains good old fashioned ‘Boys Own’ tales of daring and bravery, sticking it to Jerry when, and where, he least expected it.

Three ships spirited away from a ‘neutral’ port in the middle of the night; a complete garrison kidnapped under the cover of darkness; an airfield and its attendant aircraft destroyed before dawn; and many more... These raiders ‘came like cats and left like ghosts,’ striking terror into the enemy forces as their next targets were unknown.

Except that this book is no work of fiction, it’s what happened and tells tales of extreme ability, tenacity and bravery of a largely deniable force: a force that lived off its wits, more often than not deep behind enemy lines: a force that had a short life expectancy for its members, but a force that had significant victories and became a legend. Much of the intelligence gathered about the enemy was obtained from material taken by these deniable raiders or their captives.

Those old enough to remember ‘Commando Comic’ from the 60s will feel familiar with plenty in this book; some of the events in this book are quite well known, others far less so.

A thoroughly good read and it often becomes difficult to remember that this is real life, not fiction. Praise to Mr Lewis for his skills as an author.

Four anchors from me.