Challenger Main Battle Tank 1982-97 Simon Dunstan

Challenger Main Battle Tank 1982-97 Simon Dunstan

The successor to the Chieftain from the 1960's, work began in 1976 on development of a new MBT specifically for the Iranian army, who needed a more capable tank than the Chieftain to suit their climatic and geographical conditions. However, once the revolution occurred in 1979 the British army was reluctantly forced to accept this new design themselves. Once in service there were technical problems resulting in various modifications. However, the Challenger would go on to great success in the Gulf War, playing crucial roles in both Desert Storm and Desert Sabre operations.
This book from Osprey by Simon Dunstan is a comprehensive history of the development of the Challenger 1 MBT. There are lots of photos and diagrams of the tank which are undoubtedly good references for modellers and tank spotters alike.
It is a fairly slim volume but packs a lot of info, as an ex matelot some dits from the tank crews about actually operating the Challenger would have made a good addition to this book.

I've met a few ex tankies and heard some of their horrible off vehicle dits, and trashing of German buildings/ vehicles as part of BAOR.

I can't see many Rum Ration members rushing out to buy this book even though it can be had for £4.19 on Amazon

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