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Calling all reviewers

Good morning all, from the sunny district of Canterbury, New Zealand.

I just thought I should let you know that I've been approached by Pen & Sword with regard to sending more of our review volumes as .pdf rather than hard copy. This will reduce their costs and my admin overhead and arrse's cost for posting books.

However, I personally like to have a real book to hold, stick post-its into to mark bits I intend to mention in my review, and fall onto my nose when I fall asleep reading in bed.

So for a trial until April, I'm going to select some of the offered titles to be delivered in .pdf format. I know a few reviewers have already requested electronic books, but, to gauge what percentage I should be requesting, could you please let me have your thoughts over the next couple of days? Thank you.

If anyone is reading this, who would like to receive free books in return for writing a short review, which can be positive or negative, but must be honest, please send me a Message.
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