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British Submarines of the Cold War Era.

British Submarines of the Cold War Era.

British Submarines in the Cold War Era…..Norman Friedman.

My first impressions of the book was how well presented the whole thing is, beautifully printed on high class paper and the overall finish is very good.

The book covers Classes of Submarine from the Diesel ‘S’ Class through to the Nuclear Astute’s.

A very good selection of photographs and line plans covering various Boats and their development. I found the research on propulsion and streamlining particularly interesting. One small point you’ll need a magnifying glass to make out the detail on the plans.

Brit subs 2.jpg

There are separate sections on British Submarine Sonar and Asdics –Command and Control Systems, Submarine Weapons and Midget Submarines, each section carries a wealth of information.

Overall an excellent book, which I would recommend to anyone with an interest in looking deeper into the development of British Submarines over the last 70 years or so.

Priced at £50.00 it may make the pensioners among us wince, but shouldn’t be a problem to the present day serving Submariner.

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