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British Escort Destroyers: of the Second World War  - Les Brown

British Escort Destroyers: of the Second World War - Les Brown

If only this book had existed 40 years ago when I was into radio-controlled modelling! I built several naval vessels, and this little volume would have been a great first port of call for reference material and ideas.

A rather slim volume at only 64 pages, but these pages are absolutely crammed with useful information. The book is written as part of the well-known and respected ship craft series and is printed on high-quality glossy paper that just oozes quality.

The first 18 pages give a very brief overview of the design, history, and delivery schedule of the various classes of ship, complete with some very good photographs printed amongst the text; this book really wouldn’t work with remotely placed images.

The next section takes a look at model products ordered alphabetically by manufacturer and then in increasing scale size. It’s here that my biggest surprise came as there were few kit manufacturers that I actually recognised. How times have changed over relatively few years. The author gives a fairly comprehensive, if concise, review of what each manufacturer supplies in their kit. To end this section, the author lists some kit accessory suppliers if you are seeking plated, brass, or other components to enhance, modify, or otherwise personalise, your model.

The next following 11 pages are a showcase of modellers' results and I must say they are pretty impressive. It’s amazing what can be achieved with a basic kit, a few add-ons, patience, and a spot of talent and ability. I particularly liked the model of Burnham, showing it just before it was broken up.

These 11 pages are followed by some known paint schemes and some very good pictures of camouflaged ships. I found the picture of Badsworth rather mesmerising but very effectively camouflaged, particularly to the stern.

The final section of the book is made up of details of known modifications carried out to the ships throughout their lives and a few pages of basic, but helpful, plans of the ships.

Currently retailing at £12.51 on Amazon (discounted £4.48) and recognising that the market for sales is going to be rather limited, I think the book is more than fairly priced.

The book even got the thumbs up from my cat, as every time I put this book down, she made a bee-line for it and didn’t want to leave it alone.

I think 4.5 anchors are in order for this book. To be fair, it might interest a few who aren’t modellers.

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