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Brighton at War 1939-45

Brighton at War 1939-45

A chronological study of Brighton from early preparations for war in 1938 through to 1945 and the end of the war.

The author covers every aspect from ARP readiness to aliens, the treatment of Jews, first aid, firefighting, shelters and the blackout during 1938, showing that Brighton was well prepared for all eventualities.

The book goes on to tell about the phoney war and how preparations were on going, such things as rationing, Civil Defence exercises and evacuees.

July 1940 saw the first bombs dropped and by the end of that year 93 lives had been lost, 86 of them during the month of September.

As the war continued into 1942 the book covers the LDV (Home Guard), food production, curfew, saving and fundraising and salvage.

More attacks happened between January 1943 and February 1944 and in total 209 civilians lost their lives during the war, their names are inscribed in a book of remembrance.

The author also covers the criminality that went on, D-Day the new year and victory in 1945.

A very well written ans well researched book by a local historian and author.
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