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  • Don't let the title put you off, yes agreed it is pretty cheesy. The foreword by Frederick Forsyth describes it as "fact stranger than fiction" and makes the point that this is an adventure straight out of Kipling. (not the cakes)
    From the beginning, H Leedham comes across as a high achieving, humble individual , the text is an easy read and does not drill into technicalities which would put some people off.
    A frank account of how he was recruited, the impact it had on his personal life and how he was the right person for the job simply relect well on his spirit and dare I say? the RM/RN ethos.
    From the beginning we see an individual trained to a high level, displaying leadership and adaptability to fashion a highly effective force out of "local" tribesmen. The politics of the situation were delicately handled and the story told in a forceful and compelling way. A story you would find hard to believe/ Don't doubt it, the impact on his domestic life is sufficient to validate this extraordinary story by an extra ordinary man.
    The whole theme is one of "a British Special Forces Officer", but put any preconceptions (probably negative ones, mine are) of this sort of character aside. He was, and still is,I guess one of us served among us and many of us did not even know it. The MBE? another book... someday.


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  1. KateSstuff
    Cheesy title, but a good read :)
  2. Subsunk
    One of his Clearance Diver oppos works in the industry as a dive rep and says the same thing, Needham is a humble individual given his many achievements.