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Alone on a Wide,Wide,Sea by E.E. Barringer

Was recommended to read this book and was not disappointed. Obviously has a WAFU focus but is readable for all, and what struck me is in fact how much was similar to the RN of the 1980's.

There were some extraordinary feats for flying and bravery, these Swordfish crews literally had to be lifted out of the aircraft when they returned to their carrier in the Arctic on a black 'orrible night when the ship was pitching and rolling; impressive stuff. Get this, the CO of the Squadron was 23 years old! the most of the pilots were in their early 20's and the youngest was 19. Next time my 19 year old son whines that he got cold walking back from the bus stop ####!

There are lots of statistics in this book but they are weaved into what is essentially a factual account in a way that does not detract from the story.

I really do recommend this book if not for the story alone then the Naval content. I will certainly view the Stringbag of the RN Historic Flight with more respect next time I see it.
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