A Carrier at Risk by Mariano Sciaroni

A Carrier at Risk by Mariano Sciaroni

Compared to other books that have attempted to cover the whole sweep of the Falklands War, this is a very detailed account of one particular aspect - the career of the aircraft carrier Armada Republica Argentina (ARA) 25 de Mayo during the conflict and specifically her (fairly sparse) anti-submarine armament of Trackers and Sea Kings. As the carrier withdraws from direct participation we follow the hunt for British nuclear submarines, principally Splendid and Spartan and how their efforts to fish 25 de Mayo did not succeed.

Besides access to Argentine records and personnel, the author has had FoI access to the Reports of Proceedings and other documentation of the British submarines and some other warships involved in the conflict.

The book's lavishly and pertinently illustrated 88 A4 pages are very elegantly produced. Although obviously focused on the ARA, it is a valuable primer on anti-submarine warfare for any interested lay observer, if allowances are made for several decades of digitisation and other improvements.

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