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“Focus on the problem at hand, not the consequences of the problem.” This is the mantra of “Action Dan” Harrington, according to an interview granted to entrepreneur magazine Fast Company. What, you may ask, is the famous poker pro and strategy expert doing giving interviews to business magazines? Shouldn’t he stick to Bluff and Card Player? As it turns out, the folks over at Fast Company, who are known for keeping an eye out for whatever works in business, be it traditional or otherwise, spotted in Dan a guy whose poker play had a lot to offer the business world. The fact that Dan is not just a pro poker player, but also an ace in the realms of real estate and the stock market realms too.

When he began playing poker he built his experience with the famous gamers' think tank, the Mayfair Club, in New York City. He had the chance to play and share ideas with Howard Lederer and Erik Seidel. Later on, he played a few hands with Harvard students Paul Allen and Bill Gates. Perhaps if he had a crystal ball he might have played them for a percentage of future earnings instead of cash…

For a man who would one day become a millionaire, as well as a stock market and real estate speculator, it makes a sort of clear-headed sense that Dan would study and then work as a bankruptcy lawyer. His life experience with games on online gambling canada, can try https://playcasinocanada.com/, money, business and the law likely led to his decision to move his legal residence to Las Vegas, NV. While many (if not most) of the poker pros who make such a move do so to be closer to where they work, Dan’s reasoning was much more fiscal in nature. As a legal resident of Nevada, he avoids the pesky 11% state income tax he was forced to pay as a resident of California.

Money is a big focus for Dan, as he also mentions in his Fast Company interview. When it comes to tournament play, he admits that “I’m there for the money. You can keep the glory.” He was referring to his big 1995 win at the WSOP. When the officials brought out the million dollars in cash and the gold bracelet, Dan’s opponent only had eyes on the bracelet, while Dan was fondling the cash.

The same year Dan nailed the European Poker Open in London, playing Seven Card Stud. He truly was on top of the poker world in 95. No one else even came close.

Dan continues to excel at poker, even though it is currently running third in work life, behind real estate and the stock market, both of which he considers to be games just like poker. He made the final tables in both the 2003 and the 2004 WSOP events, and in 2005 grabbed second place and over six hundred grand at his first World Poker Tour final table, at the Doyle Brunson North American Championship.

His two books, co-written with Bill Robertie, are considered essential textbooks for hold’em students: Harrington On Hold’em Volume I: Strategic Play and Harrington on Hold'em: Volume II: The Endgame.

Whether you read his volumes on hold’em, watch his play on poker TV, or read his interview, Action Dan Harrington can teach you something about logical, smart, conservative and, most importantly, winning, poker play. This former World Champ proves that he's still a true poker ace.
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