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Want to Help Kids be More Globally Aware?

The classroom of the future will be global, and mobile technology makes it incredibly easy for students to be globally connected. One of our most popular blog posts was about educational games that helped kids become good world citizens. Mobile technology does indeed provide a window to the world, but it’s clear that parent and teachers are keen for resources that channel all this information for students.

Therefore, we looked at a few apps and resources that not only help kids like https://tutoriage.com/top-writers and become more globally aware, but enable them to participate in the global conversation. With these tools, they’ll be well on the way to becoming global citizens!

College help definitely falls into the “wish I had that when I was growing up” category. Current events from around the world are delivered daily to kids’ phones or tablets. The app delivers five news articles a day in formats that kids will find both engaging and easy-to-digest: stories are explored through images, videos, and games.

The many educational features include a newsroom for asking questions, maps to help students relate the story to its location, audio support for difficult vocabulary, and the ability to have stories read out (great for SEN students). And parents and teachers don’t need to worry about distressing content: all articles are reviewed by a child psychologist.

Geared to teens and young adults, this news and story-sharing platform is actually written by young people (aged 15-29) from the Commonwealth countries. You’ll find articles and videos and articles on a wide range of subjects such as poverty and the environment, daily life in that country, and any other issues that young people are concerned about. Students can balance what they hear on the news with the views of their global peer group: a great way to learn about different sources of news. Students can apply to become a Commonwealth Correspondent, or simply submit a short article or a comment. An absolute must for all aspiring journalists!

Created in partnership with Google, college essay help is the perfect app to help students combine their increasing knowledge of the world with historical knowledge of a particular location.

The app lets you view old photos layered over a current scene, and explore collections of old photos from around the world. The college essay help has thousand of images and stories, browseable by date and location. Kids can get historical context about a location that they may be reading about or have heard about on the news. Just search the map for the location and see if there is an old photo available, and get instant historical data, along with stories and other valuable information added by the person who uploaded it.
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