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Hi Brummy B were you on the Centaur by any chance? reconize that rickshaw pict Singapore? was on 3 comissions 1962-1965 cook s main galley /bakery in 35 mess. Best wishes Dave Pincher Martin.
Hi Pincher,yes I was on Centaur from 63 to 67.You may recognise some of my other photos as well,especially the ones of the Lakonia on fire.I was a stoker on a married accompanied.We lived in J.B. Malaysia.
hi Brummy great, thanks for getting back! 1st contact with any one who served on Centaur for more than 45 years! yep do recognise most of them esp ones we used to get from official photography on board.Thought that they cofiscated all picts re/lakonia/fire as think there was policital storm/cock up re that fire etc? Have put few on of mine will look up some more and put them on.Best wishes Dave/Pincher.
Pincher,I don't know anything about confiscation of Lakonia photos,can you enlarge on that for me please?When you see it in print that it was over 45 years ago it suddenly comes home just how long ago it really is.It just seems like yesterday to me
hi Brummy yes it was that long ago!! Where you on board when i think it was B boiler room blew high pressure steam? we were on our way to Liverpool Irish sea terrible incident poor lads .Think every one felt bad a doom and gloom spread through out the ship.RE/Lakonia photos our DO asked for any picts to be given back remember that,there was a buz about some cover up over saftey ticket not given for the ship befor she sailed? Lifeboat /safe/training etc most of them did not launch prop? Bad fire
I was on board Pincher and I knew the lads personally(two were in our mess).It was so sad and what a way to go,horrible.I can remember some of the info you gave me about Lakonia but noone ever asked for my pictures back.Can you remember the banyans we had on Pulau Tioman,a beautiful desert Island then,apparently it is a thriving holiday resort nowAt least we can say we were there first.
sorry to hear that you new the lads and from the same mess deck makes it far worse.Pulau Tioman was fantastic we felt like it was our private island. dont know wether you know but i was the crazy cook who fell/jumped over board in the mallaca straits !! do you remember that ? my claim to fame how the hell i survied that god only knows!! will put those picts up for you to see on my gallery. Regards Pincher
Was that you,ha ha,I seem to know all the nutters,ha ha.Look forward to seeing the photos.
Where in the country do you live,We live near to Stratford upon Avon.Dave
hi Brummy had to be bit of a nutter to stick working in main galley/bakery! most of the lads were of there trollys bloody heat and living conditions! mind you guess yours was no better?dont remember lot about it still i survived thanks to the frogman who got in to get me out! the wake of the ship was bad i do remember that! good job was strong swimmer!! Think perhaps to many" sippers" may have attributed allways was one for a good run ashore!!Ha Ha.live in Kent now nice place called Deal were th
You were lucky to have survived Pincher.By the way,have you still got your commissioning book?If not I managed to buy a cd from bulwark,albion & centaur association site which had a whole host of commissioning books on it from the 3 ships including ours.I think it was only about a tenner as well.

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