Sob Sob

The Vince in a very sad state.
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The Vince in a very sad state.
  1. Handler
    The Turkish carrion crows doing their work !
  2. wiggythewoo
    I did the first commission on her, what a sad sight,fast and manoeuverable,what a ship,loved every minute of my time on board
  3. 2ndJDPO
    A sad sight of a very fine and proud ship. She served her nation well... I remember first seeing her in Pompey back in 1980 along with Happy Hermes. I find it amazing that Hermes has outlived her...
  4. Hector
    My first ship, great memories sad to see her like this but this is how the majority of ships from my era have ended up.
    All the time I spent painting the hanger and flight deck wasted.

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