Number 3s in HMS Raleigh

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Windies RAS Mail Call V boat TOWER TRAINER 1781 1797 Mum and Dad with the Big fella on his return from falklands July 17th 2007 Number 3s in HMS Raleigh The Typhoon. The Twilight of the Raj Hms Victorious. 2582 5 Dabbers doing a daily job! 117 HMS Courageous at Speed
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  2. Jimmy_Green
    Very pretty T-R, but once you get to sea you'll get your fat arse issued to you.
  3. Proud_2_B_RN
    And the landlubbers say there are no good looking gals in the RN
  4. Lamri
    All the good looking ones are "Fashionably Lesbian" P2B :) Unless Royal is onboard :whew:
  5. Jenny_Dabber
    What's up with the 'just got outta bed hair'? Pretty lass.............won't last a mionute onboard!
  6. RN_Commando
    hands in pockets get them stiched up !!!

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