No wonder I stuck to the day job!!!

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HMS Chichester 1st commission QD mess ME on holiday 634 655 ME ! IN BLUE SHORTS 780 Ello Sailor!! No wonder I stuck to the day job!!! 989 1068 Squirrel and Squirrel JNR on holiday in Turkey last year. 1425 DAUGHTER AND DAD. 1772 me NZB and Wet Blobby
  1. stirling2
    Nice pins Morsey :toothy2:
  2. Lamri
    Is that a bedouin shagging chair in the foreground ? :)
  3. morsehorse
    Stirling that was at a mates house when I was at Pitreavie
    Lamri got it in one xxx
  4. vasco2
    told u I'd find it tonight! Look good Morse. Vasco2
  5. RN_Commando
    pitreavie - down the hole ?

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