My finest hour?

This little guy came into the world 6/1/06.<br />
I was the only one around, so I had to...
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This little guy came into the world 6/1/06.
I was the only one around, so I had to "assist" momma, despite knowing nothing about horses. He was less than 24 hrs old in this pic.
Not something USMC Boot Camp prepped me for.
  1. Jenny_Dabber
    Aww, he looks a couple of days old in that picture! I love painted horses, Skewbalds are amazing! Piebalds are soooooo 1990s lol a cute looking colt, can I have him please? Is he a Qtr or a thoroughbred?
  2. BootneckYank
    He's a thoroughbred paint. Belongs to my boss, and is very expensive from what I hear. only 1 day old here.
  3. Jenny_Dabber
    For a thoroughbred, he is unique, you do not find alot of painted thoroughs, could bring in the money, just don't mention glue!
  4. xxspikexx
    thers no foal like an old foal :p :lol:
  5. Always_a_Civvy
    I hope he was painted with quality Dulux? :mrgreen:

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