HMS Cygnet 1978

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HMS Hurworth returning to Portsmouth on 13 Dec 2006 RN Sea King from HMS Illustrious landing on USNS Pecos 23 Feb 2002 HMS Endurance at Trafalgar 200 Spithead Review HMS Atherstone entering Portsmouth on 3 October 2007 HMS Cygnet 1978 RN Bomb Disposal Personnel in Afghanistan, Dec 2009 Naval Strike Wing Harrier GR9 over Afghanistan HMS Hurworth entering Portsmouth 3 October 2007 Ross Kemp visits Naval Strike Wing in Afghanistan HMS Tracker entering Portsmouth on 7 October 2004 HMS Illustrious and HMS Invincible at Portsmouth 2 Aug 2005 HMS Grafton's Lynx helicopter 20 Feb 2005 HMS Daring entering Portsmouth 28 Jan 09 Royal Navy Sea King in Afghanistan Those were the days

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