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Hms Amazon in company with HMS Antelope V boat heading out to sea USS Leyte Gulf - RAS Approach 1317 LCACH HMS Turbulent 06 HMCS Athabaskan HMS ALBION LONG AGO 1571 1609 THE OLD ALBION LOOKING A BIT BATTERED HMS HOGUE Llandaff and Chichester 1741 cherry b In the Red Sea during Suez 'do' 1957/
  1. whitemouse
    My first ship 1964 - memories of the Orient at age 17..... :thumleft: :drunken:
  2. Sapientia
    One of the ships I served on. Living conditions where pretty bad. She still carried a six barrelled bofors gun when I was aboard, I know, I was guns crew on it! It was located before the island.

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