H.M.S. Newfoundland

A good looking cruiser.
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Flight Deck R07 1478 1725 HMS Royalist 2085 HMS AlacrtiyF174 HMS KENT VISITS HONG KONG 2 H.M.S. Newfoundland H.M.S. Hermes hms lowestoft 1973 Chinese Kang Ding Class or T45 ? MV Target & HMS Endurance arriving in the Solent. HMS BELFAST USS Leyte Gulf - Emergency 6 hms triumph light collosus class carrier Going To War
A good looking cruiser.
  1. Seaweed
    Where? When? 1955-6 I think (blue lids), entering harbour somewhere (flag hoist), awning stanchions not rigged.
  2. Sapientia
    Sorry again Seaweed, another picture of our old ship I found.

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