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MTB 538 Littoral Combat Ship H.M.S. Renown, 1920 HMS Manchester Hermes HMS Dunkirk D09 ships company hms ulysses 1957/58 first 5 Ship RAS HMS Norfolk, my 3rd and last ship! 144 188 HMS Cavendish (1960s) Roughers even more Stena Inspector USS O'Bannon 755
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  2. rogbert
    actually it was the big vic hms victorious
  3. GeorgePoole
    The ships, left to right. HMS Cleopatra. RFA Olynthus. HMS Victorious, RFA Reliant, HMS Leander. This year 1965 on passage to Singapore, I believe.
  4. GeorgePoole
    Also, It was the Vics last sea going commission, In 66 she went into drydock in Portsmouth, where the fire in the CPOs Mess pantry eventually wrote the Mighty Ship off.
  5. hissingsid
    Looked at the radar and jumped for Hermes.(Wrong) I'm sure Victorious was with us (Hermes) off Aden in 1967. Just checked and was with us in '67 so didn't disappear in '66.
  6. GeorgePoole
    Ok hissingsid, the commission was from 65 to 67. my mistake it was 67 when she went into Portsmouth drydocks and was last seen there, so to speak. Both Vic and the Hermes had the 984 radar with the massive dustbin aerial.

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