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Waly Vic's Falkland ID 1982 Hangover? 2470 123 giant mac Bad Loser bangers Face your display 446 WOOLIES Perfect night in 556 Strafin' Santa weeeeeeeeee! The Queen God Bless Her Testing
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  2. type42stoker
    OMG, That never happend in any Ops room I was in............. :lol:
  3. Chicogiz
    Thats in a type 23 frigate i can tell by the layout
  4. Lamri
    You SURE you're checking out the "layout" young man? :bball: :bball:
  5. flymo
    Us Gollies have always been a bunch of handsome bastards
  6. jamesmto
    I'm not a gollie!!! I'm an RP in old money (AWT)

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