dont blame me!!

last xmas...
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Always_a_Civvy in 1992: RNXS, London Unit, HMS President 587 Man at Work Whitemouse Aged 16 A bit of skin Pos Rate 1974 Caption Competition. Knackered sailor dont blame me!! 1569 1703 Cpl Spike Kelly R.I.P 1942-2008 me & bubs 2018 Me in 2006 - Just a bit greyer now! the face behind the name (a few moons ago albeit) Married to Leading Wren Margaret S. Austen 1964
last xmas...
  1. NZ_Bootneck
    Last Christmas I geve you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away...etc :afro:
  2. RonJeremy
    Why is there a picture of Josef Stalin on the wall.....

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