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On the Ramsey during the IFR in June 2005 439 Always_a_Civvy in 1992: RNXS, London Unit, HMS President 587 Man at Work Whitemouse Aged 16 A bit of skin Pos Rate 1974 Caption Competition. Knackered sailor dont blame me!! 1569 1703 Cpl Spike Kelly R.I.P 1942-2008 me & bubs 2018 Me in 2006 - Just a bit greyer now!
  1. stirling2
    This was a brewery trip I take it ?, you should be making use of the barreled stuff on the right instead of gurning for the camera :evil:
  2. Seaweed
    A matelot was saying goodbye to 'is 'oss, Goodbye 'Oss, Goodbye 'Oss ..
  3. BumGravy
    Ok who is going to milk this one

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