Albert goes to OZ

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Me before joining me in cadets 2437 2486 Evidence of sponsored walk operation bavarian surprise Albert goes to OZ Me Gliding Quiet rig run. surfs up!! Ice Cream Suit - Alhucoll On the beach 1565 Eat your heart out last ship
  1. Arcadain
    When was that pic taken?
  2. Bernoulli
    I would say that it was taken during the period between the retraction of the ice sheet and the building of the Pyramid of Cheops. Bloody good phot though, a proper stokering man..
  3. Ninja_Stoker
    Carbon dating reveals it was about 11:30, the return of the midgets duffle shooting party by landrover...
  4. thingy
    Stokers as they should be: Ruff and Tuff... Vivat UncleAlbert! :)

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