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Wasp 2118 Admiral's inspection Ark Royal 1975 HMS Forth Trafalgar day 1970 Winter 62 Argentine War Memorial - Tierra del Fuego 772 LOGISTICS BRANCH T200 1632 Handover HMS Euryalus coms branch Parents Day guard 63 Rio Grande - Tierra del Fuego St. Kitts last week 866
  1. whitemouse
    Where's this then ? :?
  2. Always_a_Civvy
    Des Res somewhere in the World... no one knows where, where the White Ensign flies... :?
  3. Graybags
    Looks suspiciously like the Cable and Wireless building in Port Stanley, but I could be wrong
  4. trehorn2
    This is Carr Lodge. The home of CERES Division RNR in Leeds.

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