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WW1 engine room - throttle jockey HMS Falmouth .. some of the Comms personnel 1962 Wasp 1995 AAboard H.M.S. Zulu 2243 2 watch Alex w.t. 1943 688 HMS SALISBURY GOING THROUGH THE SUEZ. Wasp 2118 Admiral's inspection Ark Royal 1975 HMS Forth Trafalgar day 1970 Winter 62 Argentine War Memorial - Tierra del Fuego
  1. dunkers
    What year was this? I notice they are all wearing their caps in the modern style.
  2. Always_a_Civvy
    So which one is you Moojuice? Or are they all variations of you? And look Dunkers, there's actually a Ganges boy smiling!!! 8O :eek: :? :) :lol: :p (must have been doctored by Reg Fisk) PS: Josie's just told me which one you are Moo. Are you related to the actor Peter Lorre by any chance? You remind me of him! 8O

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