4.5mm on a type 23 fridate!

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IF IN DOUBT BREW UP JWH 1871 2080 1000lb Thames river scarboro sd mess 1969 H.M.S. Albion 4.5mm on a type 23 fridate! Admiralty House, Basra Palace The Pembroke at Malta 2000 Missouri or Wisconsin Gulf 91 Ganges 1974 339 Guard Formed THE BRITISH ARE COMING Good Morning..........
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  2. BootneckYank
    Have to agree. More like 3 inch, or UK equivalent?
  3. Jenny_Dabber
    Standing by it, it is not small! Or being in the FX deck locker when it goes off!
  4. the_matelot
    It's a 4.5 inch gun, not 4.5mm!!
  5. Jenny_Dabber
    (...) how long it would take you to figure it out!!
  6. Woody
    Maybe i'm just a thick submariner.....but i'm sure they're called frigates... not fridates???

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