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117 HMS Courageous at Speed Pembroke undergoing shock trials at Rosyth 99 (brown trousers all round) 193 232 306 Mum and Dad with the Big fella 363 Ex Russian Mil 8 Sam The Man 750 HMS Norfolk Ships Company Me IF IN DOUBT BREW UP JWH 1871
  1. xxspikexx
    is that a steward practicing for maccy d drive through 8O
  2. the_matelot
    He should be serving pink gins in the wardroom when they go through the SC!!!
  3. Jenny_Dabber
    Why is he at the helm, get him off!!!!!!!
  4. sgtpepperband
    I know it looks like it's going through the Suez, but the ship was probably alongside so it was safe! :lol:

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