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1426 1872 LHS in BRNC 1931 Skin to skinned me (edited)b alongside 2396 Soleil Clown_Puncher looking Divser than 2DD and with bigger weapons 2517 A1 HMAS Otama 1985 WAFU'S ON TOUR 279 Doing what I do best....
  1. jambosun
    MH - I think you look great (what month are you going to be in the RR Calendar?) and I just love the fact that your wine glass is at least 5 times bigger than his. Good drills!
  2. morsehorse
    jambosun, it's all a matter of seniority,him ex RPO with 9 years service me an Ex Chief Jennie with 22 years service plus he lost out on who was driving home l :lol: Think I derserve to be June as it is my birthday xx
  3. X.R.D
    looking well Morsey!!! xxxxxxxxx
  4. morsehorse
    XRD Married life suits me hope you benefit from it as well xxxx
  5. sgtpepperband
    ...and why is he drinking water, and you wine? You've got him well-trained! 8O :lol:

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